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Awesome Write Up in Brooklyn Based



Little Black Bike Dress
The LBD is a staple part of pretty much every woman’s wardrobe at this point, but cyclists should really consider making some room in their closets of Nona Varnado’s LBBD. Riding in summer can feel like living inside a soup bowl thanks to the sweat and humidity, but unless you plan on becoming one of those naked cyclists who cropped up in Williamsburg a couple years ago, you’re still going to have to find something to wear when you go out, even in this weather. Varnado’s Little Black Bike Dress costs $90 and wicks away sweat to keep cyclists cool. It’s also quick drying to help you avoid those awkward moments when you’ve just dismounted and feel the need to apologize to the person you’re greeting for why they are about to become so familiar with your bodily fluids—can we just all agree that there should be an embargo on hugging in August?