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Awesome Write Up in Brooklyn Based



Little Black Bike Dress
The LBD is a staple part of pretty much every woman’s wardrobe at this point, but cyclists should really consider making some room in their closets of Nona Varnado’s LBBD. Riding in summer can feel like living inside a soup bowl thanks to the sweat and humidity, but unless you plan on becoming one of those naked cyclists who cropped up in Williamsburg a couple years ago, you’re still going to have to find something to wear when you go out, even in this weather. Varnado’s Little Black Bike Dress costs $90 and wicks away sweat to keep cyclists cool. It’s also quick drying to help you avoid those awkward moments when you’ve just dismounted and feel the need to apologize to the person you’re greeting for why they are about to become so familiar with your bodily fluids—can we just all agree that there should be an embargo on hugging in August?

Shop Local

Shop Local

Shopping online is fun for discovering new things, but the real pleasure of fashion is in seeing the exact shade of color, the texture of the fabric and making sure the size and design makes your butt look fabulous. Until online fitting technology catches up – local stores are still the best place to shop (and support your local economy!)

We get a lot of email requests about what stores carry Nona Varnado & unfortunately it’s a catch-22: shops only carry things where there’s a demand and yet people usually discover new things in their favorite stores. But there’s a pretty simple solution: just ask!

Where do you shop?

Let us know in the comments or email info @nonavarnado.com

  1. the name of your favorite apparel shop
  2. where it’s located
  3. (optional contact info)

Where you would like to see our clothing carried and we’ll offer them a special offer for new retailers.

Win-Win! It’s been awesome watching how the cycling lifestyle and internet fashion bloggers have changed the landscape of fashion. No longer just major cities – we’ve gotten great responses all over the south (who knew!), Australia, the UK and in small towns all over the US. Ladies love to ride & who doesn’t love beautiful, domestically manufactured fashion?

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Womens Bicycle Fashion

Excerpt from The Bird Wheel’s “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Bicycle Fashion.”

Beginning in 2011 the fashion world has been excited about riding bikes around New York City; in storefronts, fashion week and daily life. Nona Varnado and other bike obsessed designers are dedicated to producing hip and sophisticated urban cycling fashion designed to be comfortable while riding. Their strength is in the details: most use advanced technical materials to stay dry or dry quickly, stand up to the rigours of riding while looking super chic. While most major brands outsource production to Asia  -it’s great to see smaller labels creating high quality domestic produced collections (swrve, Nona Varnado, Outlier).

Nona Varnado Fall Lifestyle

In Fall 2010 a line of riding jackets, wool tunics, technical shells and reflective waterproof vests were released.  SS11 brought bike dresses, a Spin-collection and the NV Riding pant. Like Levis’ & Outlier, the NV Riding Pant is made with Schoeller AG fabric and cut to be comfortable riding all day long and in a unique spin: designed to look fabulous on a range of ladies’ bottoms. Black and Khaki colors are classic and work beautifully as a fashion staple. The collection is made in NYC/LA.

Nona Varnado SS11 Spin

Though Lululemon is the default apparel brand seen in spin classes nationwide – this is the first spin specific apparel line. Mesh tops and jerseys are modestly cut to hide bra straps in edgy color block paneling. Matching mini-shorts & capris. The interplay of mesh panels in key places make them super cool and breathable, but lack some of the details of major brands, such as key pockets or heat sealed seams. It’s spin-specific but any of the pieces work for runners and cross training. As much as yoga wear has entered the every day fashion lexicon, spin or cycling wear is poised to be the next generation of active sport fashion with details like sport specific fabrics and pockets over drawstrings and baggy bottoms. Lightweight, minimal and pretty enough to wear outside a spin studio, the pieces are noticeably free from logos or any screen printing.


Nona Varnado 2012/2013


A move towards ‘everyday’ cross over pieces that can be worn while sweating, brought a whole new color palate to the mix. Playfully called NEONpastel, these pieces are all about taking athletic wear into a whole new level of sophistication and fun.


The collection is available at select Bicycle Boutiques in the United States, via limited online releases and by request. Nona is currently taking time off regular production to focus on her Los Angeles based nonprofit, the Bicycle Culture Institute.

New 2011 Collection Update

New 2011 Collection Update

A new range of Nona Varnado womens cycling and athletic lifestyle apparel is coming out this June. We’re super sorry for the delays, but it’s important to get things right. Stay tuned, because the new stuff is going to be the best we’ve ever produced.


  • The Greatest Riding Pants, Ever.
  • Spin Shorts & tops
  • New women’s designer cycling jerseys
  • Best Hipsters yet.

Some of the old products are being retired to be replaced with a collection that represents the best blend of performance function, comfort and style.

+++ A totally fabulous trunk show event will be happening in June.  Email: info@nonavarnado.com for info & RSVP’s +++

Seattle 2011

Join us at Hub & Bespoke
513 N 36th St Seattle, WA 98103
for the West Coast debut of NYC’s locally made
urban cycling apparel for the female athlete.
Wednesday, March 16, 2011
6 – 7pm Cocktail hour! Preview collection items
7 – 8pm Trunk show presentation, Designer Q&A
8 – 9pm Exclusive one night only pre-season sale



Daily Candy

In the Fantastically phrased subject line, “NYC – How to Not Look Lame While Biking” tons of fashion oriented New Yorkers were introduced to NV through Friday’s NYC edition of Daily Candy’s popular newsletter. Here’s what it looked like:

January 14, 2011 | New York

Break the Cycle
Nona Varnado Activewear

The fare hike imminent, you resolved to cycle more (but snow put the brakes on that plan).

Enticing us to climb back on our trusty steed is Nona Varnado’s line of functional and fashionable biking gear.

Varnado, former pro cyclist and feminist, employs details that combine practicality with curve enhancement: copper-zippered derriere pockets play up what your mama gave you; an oversize collar lends face-framing drama (and wind and rain protection) to an eye-popping fuchsia wool jacket.

Two made-to-order gems: a cross-check tweed Sherlock-about-town riding cape with a cinched waist that traps warm air and the Champagne Proof jacket (a necessity for 50 Cent groupies and pro racers).

Prefer couture? Varnado takes custom orders and will even create a slew of jerseys if you and your crew are up for a race — or pub crawl.

Available at Bicycle Habitat, 244 Lafayette Street, between Prince and Spring Streets (212-431-3315); online at nonavarnado.com, $25-$375.

Photo: Eric Wolfe / Courtesy of Nona Varnado

Soul Cycle

One of the things that I love best in life is being lucky enough to attend one of Kym Perfetto’s amazing spin classes at Soul Cycle. She’s simply the best and it’s great to see the love returned all around through the most recent SoulBlog post:

Check in with SOULCYCLE! Our SOULBLOG is the place to keep in touch with SOUL!

Nona Varnado

As biking becomes more popular in NY, we’re finally getting some attractive outdoor cycling gear. Our favorite new company, Nona Varnado, has bike-wear that’s as functional as it is fashionable. And it never hurts to have SoulCycle instructor Kym Perfetto modeling the clothes! Check out more items here!

So Pretty! love that girl. Check out Kym’s personal blog with training tips, recipes, playlists and personal training schedules at: http://scheduletosweat.tumblr.com/