“Nona was meticulous and conscientious. She managed a hectic schedule and an almost chaotic environment as is the case when getting 39 foreigners in India from one city to another in Auto Rickshaws driven by them. I would be very happy to work with Nona again if the opportunity were to present itself.”
-Sandilya Venkatesh, CEO Eventus Software Solutions in Chennai, India 2008
“Nona is knowledgeable, professional, and personable. I trusted her implicitly as a direct report, and I appreciate her as a friend then and now.”
-Jennifer Jacobson – Accounting and HR Director at Wonder Media 2017
  • Marketing Analysis
  • Presentation Design & Public Speaking
  • Events: Concept, planning and execution
  • Strategic Planning

Active imagination. Very articulate.

I enjoy solving problems. My first undergrad was interdisciplinary fine art. That means I also spent a bunch of years working as a copywriter, creating corporate project proposals, on web development teams, managing content management systems (yep..) and being the person who could bridge technical and marketing departments, programmers and clients. I worked internationally, because hey – who doesn’t want to travel? These jobs were all over the place (literally!) and mostly at startups.  I needed to grow into something that matched where I was – and for me that was experiencing different kinds of environments and companies, which then grew into applying those skills to nonprofit organizations.

Employers/Clients: Dow Jones & Co, HarperCollins, Tourism Board of Mexico, Movado, Streetwars, Engineering Animation, Inc, Brooklyn Bicycles, Brompton Bicycles, and many small start ups.

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data analysis + bicycle culture