Summer 2010 Cycling & Running Fashion

Summer 2010 Cycling & Running Fashion

May 3, 2010 – for May 5th Release. New York, NY

Summary: Launching a new Spring/Summer collection just in time for Bike Month NYC! A new women’s athletic apparel line based out of NYC is focused on blending high performance and fashion. Admirably, it’s not another pepto-pink scaled version of a generic men’s garment, but designed by a former competitive cyclist and marathoner with a love for beautiful things and elegant functional living.

Like banana sundaes, beach parties and summer cocktails; sometimes combining a few good things produces something new and completely amazing.

Introducing the line of women’s cycling and running fashion. Designed from the ground up to be as gorgeous as it is functional. For modern women who are as natural in a garden party as in a grueling road race, while looking superb. Celebrate summer and bike rides around town in the Original Bike Dress or the super flirty Dutch Bike Dress.

Summer Jerseys, long tanks and a reversible boat neck jacket in nautical stripes and dark denim pairs perfectly with the rest of this season’s most adorable and sophisticated fashions. Accessory bags coming soon!

It’s going to be an awesome summer.

Nona Varnado is an independent fashion designer based in NYC. All garments are produced in New York with a constant eye on fair trade practices and environmental responsibility from suppliers until final sale. Garments are tested, revised and played in until something genuinely incredible is produced. We think we’ve got the ultimate fashion pieces for riding bikes, running through legendary parks, attending parties and traveling the world. Or even going to work!


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