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I’ve been lucky in following my dreams; leaving high school in Iowa to study fine art in Chicago, San Francisco and New York City, to working on emergent online technology as a marketing professional. And then getting *really* into my hobbies: bicycles and traveling! The reason why I’ve been able to jump between industries, locations and job titles is that these jobs have required a similar skill set.

Generally, that’s figuring out what the most cost effective and fun way to solve – or communicate – a problem. I’ve also come to appreciate the true benefit of having worked with different kinds of people in varied environments: being able to predict what is most likely to happen (as opposed to what you’re probably hoping will happen). And it turns out that this is also what companies are doing with data. So while it might seem unusual for an artist to turn into a marketing person, then a nonprofit professional and finally a data nerd – it’s been a great adventure that feels like it is just getting started.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me!


Los Angeles, California. 2017

Photo: Stephen Roullier



data analysis + bicycle culture